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    KIENANDO Kung Fu Academy has always maintained the following Open Door Policy:

  • Anyone wishing to attend the Academy is welcome to observe as classes as they like. This is to allow you, the prospective student, to see what you are going to learn, the environment you will learn in, the make-up of the class, and the instructing style of this Academy.
  • You may watch your children in class as they actively participate. Though some feel this is a distraction to the student, we feel the student needs to learn to practice the material with others present, especially their parents. We also encourage input from students and parents regarding any problems or conflicts that arise. These conflicts can be simple scheduling problems, personality conflicts with other children, or with how the material is presented to the student.

We want all of our students and parents to feel good about the program being presented and the lessons being learned.

It takes patience, practice, time, and effort.

Kienando Kung Fu offers classes at Corbin in California for children and Adult 

  • Kung Fu for Kids 1    5 - 7 years old
  • Kung Fu for Kids 2    8 - 12 years old
  • Kung Fu for Adults 13 - 70 years old

A note to the parents,

Today, our children want to participate in many activities. However, as we all know too well, many of these activities cost a small fortune for contracts, uniforms, and equipment. All too often, our child loses interest or other obligations prevent him/her from finishing out the activity that they enrolled.

The goal of Kienando Kung Fu Academy is to give your children the opportunity to become involved in a quality, affordable martial arts program in a fun and safe environment.

We offer flexible schedules to help meet the needs of you and your children. 

It is our hope, that your children will grow with our program and be able to apply "Kung Fu" (Hard work and effort) in their daily lives. This hard work will build self-discipline, confidence, and character.
"Never give up on your dreams. Through perseverance and faith, you can achieve your goals and realize your dreams"-
someone, somewhere must have said this
                                    Enrollment & Registration


Enrollment into the program can be made anytime during the training semester. A student enrolling mid or late semester will not be as proficient as someone who started from the beginning. However, much of the curriculum has the same material presented in a different fashion to make the learning fun, while embedding certain ideas, concepts, and movements.


When you enroll for the class:

  • Black Uniform  (First time enrollment only)
  • Certificate of Accomplishment upon completion of the each training session
  • Completion of one training semester (3 month's) will entitle the student to a sash (for a small additional charge).

  • No wearing of any jewelry

  • Keep your fingernails cut short and clean

Traditional Kung Fu Uniforms, Slippers and Sneakers are optional and available through the Academy upon request. The cost of a uniform (Top & Pants) is $50.00. 

Make-up Classes

We encourage our students to make-up missed classes. It is the students' responsibility to make the arrangements with the instructor.

Classes missed during each session have to be made up during that session, you can not carry makeup classes over from the previous session.

Any classes not attended by the end of the training semester can not be used in any other training semester.

Kung Fu for Kids and Adults

Rates for all classes

Rates are based on the number of classes attended each session.  The more classes you attend, the lower the cost per class.  By following this concept we are able to offer a reasonably priced program without the necessity of having expensive contracts. 

New Classes open every begin of month: 4 Week Session

Unlimited Classes $50.00 12 Classes

 Discounts 10% If you enroll 16 Week Session(3 month)

Unlimited Classes $135.00 36 Classes

4 Week Summer Session

Unlimited Classes 1 person $50.00 12 Classes
Unlimited Classes Family( 1 person+1) $90.00 12 Classes

Includes Academy T-shirt (on initial registration)
& Certificate of Completion


The following material is designed for  Kung Fu 1, Kung Fu 2 classes. The major difference is the age of the children and amount of material that will be presented at each level.

Kienando Kung Fu Academy offers 3 Kids sessions each year.  Each session has a main skill focus.  Those focus skills are: 

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Basic Skills & Forms

  • Session 2 - Basic Tumbling & Rolling/Balancing Skills & Brick Walking

  • Session 3 - Body Movement & Coordination/Review of Basic Stances

  • Session 4 - Basic Hand and Foot technique & Forms Training.

By the use of games and contests, we keep the classes moving and fun while maintaining a training format to accomplish the goals of our curriculum for the year.  

There is NO FREE FIGHTING at this level.  With such little experience, children do not have the ability to do more than kick and punch, which they can do quite well on there own.  


  • Neck Rotations
  • Shoulder Rotations
  • Arm Rotations
  • Wrist Rotation
  • Hip Rotations
  • Waist Rotations
  • Spinal Twists
  • Awakening the Spine
  • Knee Rotations
  • Ankle Rotations

Stretches/Strength Conditioning/Cardiovascular

  • Seat toe touch
  • Bouncing the legs
  • Rolling back 
  • Leg stretches
  • Butterflies
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Leg lifts

8 Basic Stances

  • Horse
  • Nail
  • Batquai
  • Empty

 BASIS low Kicks

  • Instep 
  • Toe
  • Side
  • Heel
  • roundhouse 

Basic High 

  • Inside Crescent
  • Outside Crescent
  • Jump
  • Ground Sweep
  • Leg Sweeps
  • Stretching

Hand Techniques

  • Shaolin Palm
  • Punch
  • Chap
  • dragon head 
  • Arrow finger
  • Tiger 
  • Upper 

Blocking Techniques

  • 2 Star Blocks
  • 2 Way Block
  • Circle Blocks
  • Temple Blocks

Basic Falling Techniques

  • Stance Fall
  • Seated Fall
  • Front Fall

Basic Tumbling Techniques

  • Forward Roll
  • Backward Roll
  • Side Roll
  • Diving Roll

Forms Training

  • Basic Kung Fu Forms: FOUR DIRECTIONS, PHOENIX.

This curriculum is meant to provide the student with a well founded basic skills ability and well rounded exercise routine that can be applied in any activity.  If the student should continue their training from year to year, they will have set the foundation for more advanced training and complicated skills once they enter the Basic Adult class.  


Certification ~ Advancement ~ Recognition

All students coming to KIENANDO Kung Fu Academy will be recognized for the effort that they put into the program. Those students with  three months of training,  pass the test will receive a certificate of completion and a kung fu sash..  Those students who have attended less than three months of training will have 

China Hand Kung Fu Academy also recognizes not all students progress at the same level, speed, or proficiency. For these reasons, we do recognize the "Time, Effort, and Patience" of the student, which truly displays the real meaning of Kung Fu.

Sash & Certification

Certificate only ~ Beginner ~ Less than 3 months

Kung Fu For Kids 1
Pupil Belt  ~ 1 training semester (3 months)
(a stripe is earned for each 3 months of training)

Kung Fu For Kids 2
Green Belt ~ 1 training semester (3 months)
(a stripe is earned for each 3 months of training)

One stripe will be added to the students sash each year they have attended training. Certificates will include, their name, level, and form which they trained in.


Tuition Policies



Annual and Semi-Annual refunds will be pro-rated based on the number of full weeks remaining in the training semester which class will not be attended. Once a month is started, there is no refund.

Any supplies, uniforms, or special order items are non-refundable.

Other Fee's

There will be a $25.00 returned check charge.







 Practicing at a Temple in Vietnam Shaolin kungfu self-defense

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